Early Launch

About a year ago, we asked a few founders from Twilio, Omada, and a couple other startups, to join our “alpha release”. The Schox Philanthropic Fund received over 100 applications from nonprofits and, from these, we curated and presented 20 nonprofits to our first five members.


Some of the early members shared this list with their partners, while others accepted our offer to arrange interviews with the nonprofits entrepreneurs, before they selected a nonprofit to receive a $50,000 grant in their name.

"Funding from Schox Philanthropy helped us teach our fourth student cohort critical coding skills & source nearly $400,000 in software development projects for graduates of our program."

Jessica Hubley, Co-Founder/CEO, AnnieCannons

"Schox Philanthropy has been amazing. We wouldn't have made so much progress in such a short amount of time without their support."

Becca Novak, CEO, Code Nation

"This grant allowed us to set up a studio for remote instruction into our computer coding program classrooms inside prisons & accelerate learning to hundreds of incarcerated students."

Beverly Parenti, Co-Founder, The Last Mile