Our Team

"Jeff is a brilliant patent attorney and investor, making him a great counselor for any technology company."

Naval Ravikant - Founder/CEO of AngelList

"By pooling ownership, we reverse the VC model and take our collective minds to allocate funds to deserving institutions."

Tim & Andrew, Founders, Arch
Jeff Schox
  • Founder / Board Member
  • Founder of Schox Patent Group and Trucks Venture Capital
Kate Schox
  • Founder / Board Member
  • Founder at Trucks Venture Capital
  • Board member at Natural Resources
Mary Lemmer
  • Head of Philanthropy
  • Startup Advisor
  • Founder of Iorio Gelato
  • Previous R/GA Ventures, SoFi, RPM Ventures
Kirsten Schaffer
  • Board Member
  • Current ED at Women in Film
  • Previous ED Outfest
Barb Finnin
  • Board Member
  • Finance and Operations Director at the Partnership for Working Families
  • Previous ED City Slicker Farms
  • 12+ years nonprofit experience
Interested in Working With Us?

If you are interested in working with us, please email info@schox.org.